Diamond clarity: how does it define the beauty of your jewellery?

You might have heard of the four C’s that define the value of a diamond: colour, carat, cut and clarity. Of these four elements clarity is the least obvious to the untrained eye. The clarity of a diamond refers to the amount of imperfections within the stone.

This might sound like a major issue, however in most cases it’s not. These flaws are often invisible to the unaided eye and can only be seen under a microscope. So if you’re buying a diamond ring, necklace or earrings you’ll have to consider if a truly flawless diamond is really necessary.  

Grades of diamond clarity

The clarity of a diamond is graded from flawless to included, whereby flawless diamond are extremely rare and expensive while included ones have obvious flaws. The ideal diamond for your jewellery will lie between these two extremes.

The area between flawless and included contains six grades from very, very slightly included (WS1 & WS2) through very slightly included (VS1 & VS2) to slightly included (SI1 & SI2). The former has no imperfections to the unaided eye, while the latter might have some in the eyes of a trained expert.


The right clarity

To be certain your jewellery doesn’t show signs of imperfections you could aim for a diamond of the VS2 grade or higher, but in most cases a SI1 diamond will have the same beauty to the unaided eye. If you’re uncertain of the right clarity for your needs, you should ask a professional for advice.

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