Diamond art: For the Love of God – Damien Hirst
woman wearing rhinestones and diamonds on her face

Diamond cutting is an art in itself. But what about art with diamonds? The diamond stones speak to everyone’s imagination, and also artists are triggered by the shining objects. Only the most controversial ones dare to create an art work with diamonds. What’s their motive? Provocation? Damien Hirst is one of the artists who created a diamond artwork, titled ‘For the love of God’.

For the Love of God

In 2007 Damien Hirst surprised the art world with his work ‘For the Love of God’: a life-size platinum skull encrusted with 8,601 fine diamonds. At the centre of the forehead lies a pear-shaped pink diamond: the Skull Star Diamond. The skull was cast from an old skull he bought in London and it was influenced by Mexican skulls encrusted in turquoise.

In 2010 Hirst created a mini version of his famous work: a cast of a skull of a child, covered with white and pink diamonds.


Symbolic diamond art?

Hirst’s work does more than provoke: it sends out a clear message. On the one hand it is a symbol for the dead, on the other hand it symbolizes the glory and the splendour of the diamonds. In short, the skull stands for all the money that people spend to postpone the inevitable dead: a celebration against death. Other say the artwork refers to blood diamonds and the diamond trade. Or, it could be an exuberant expression of the financial situation of Hirst.

The title ‘For the Love of God’ is attributed to Hirst’s mother who asked him what ‘For the Love of God’ would be his next work.

A diamond price

Hirst and co spent about $ 20 million for the creation of the piece. According to some rumours, Hirst sold it for $100 million to an investment Group. This makes the diamond skull the most expensive contemporary artwork. However, Hirst would still own a part of the piece.

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