Cushion-cut diamonds: splendour in candlelight!

Choosing the perfect diamond starts by picking the ideal diamond shape. You could go for the obvious choice: the round diamond cut. This cut has been popular for over a 100 years. But there are other choices that might be less popular, but shine the brighter for it. The cushion-cut diamond is a prime example of a diamond that truly stands out in a crowd.

A candlelight diamond for the romantic soul

Giving a piece of diamond jewellery as a gift is already a romantic gesture in and by itself. Giving a unique and even more romantic cut only enhances the symbolism. The cushion-cut diamond distinguishes itself from the round diamond cut with its rounded corners and large facets. This makes the diamond clarity even clearer than other cuts would show.

Another name for the cushion-cut diamond is the candlelight diamond. You could say the inner beauty of this diamond shape comes out at night. In environments with dimmed lights the cushion-cut diamond shows off its romantic charm. Of course this charm is not at the expense of the unique look that sets it apart in the light of day. It’s the ideal cut for anyone who likes to look fabulous, yet different from the rest.

Personal taste defines this diamond cut

Unlike most other cuts, the cushion-cut diamond leaves room for personal taste to determine the ideal diamond shape. You can find cushion-cut diamonds that are nearly square, but you can make them to be rectangular as well. This flexibility improves the chance of finding the perfect cushion cut for your tastes.

A cushion-cut diamond usually has the same price a princess cut does. To get an estimation of the price of a cushion-cut diamond you can visit our diamond store and choose princess cut as the diamond shape. If you have a question or want to find the ideal diamond, don’t hesitate to contact us. Together we’ll brighten your day with the perfect diamond.

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