Contemporary engagement rings | Combine quality with style!

For a bride-to-be an engagement ring that looks outdated can prove rather disappointing. Vintage rings may have a lot of charm, but if chosen poorly could look old and a bit dull even. Choosing a contemporary engagement ring is usually a safer bet that will ensure your ring has a fresh and often unique look that will withstand the test of time.


Contemporary shapes for engagement rings

An important element that can make an engagement ring look more modern is the shape of the mounting. Traditional round rings aren’t the only option anymore thanks to technological advancements. Perhaps it’s time to replace the regular solitaire ring with something new?

A modern ring shape doesn’t require the metal to form a perfect circle anymore. A lot of designer rings leave an opening at the top so it seems the diamond is set between the two ends rather than on top of the metal. This makes the diamond stand out more in the ring design so it can shine even brighter!

We have a perfect example in our DiamondLand Selection webshop that not only impresses with the modern ring shape, but also a more uncommon diamond shape. This 18k yellow golden ring set with a Marquise cut diamond shows there are many amazing possibilities when you embrace modern techniques for diamond jewellery!



Classic style with modern enhancements

A contemporary engagement ring doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel sort of speak. The solitaire ring for example has become popular for good reason. So why change everything about it? Instead one could add new possibilities and ideas to an already amazing ring style to get that contemporary look without straying too far from the original concept.

This has been done excellently in this exquisite 18k white golden ring. It’s a perfect example due to the subtle variants on the traditional design that makes this ring look fresh yet timeless. The ring Is also a great reminder that regardless of the ring design you should always look for quality diamonds to make the most of it.

Contemporary engagement rings – It’s a matter of taste

Perhaps the most modern idea there is in ring design these days is the emphasis on personal preference rather than tradition. We can introduce you to some new concepts, but what matters most is whether the style of an engagement ring matches the person wearing it.

The most expensive and beautiful ring in the world will look awkward on someone who doesn’t feel comfortable wearing it. In the same way a cheaper diamond ring can look priceless when it matches the personal style of whoever wears it.

If you’re not certain you’re found that perfect diamond ring yet, you might want some professional advice. For specific information on diamond ring styles, diamond quality and everything else you’d like to know when it comes to the perfect engagement ring you can visit our showroom in Antwerp.

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