Christmas shopping in Belgium

Christmas is a magical time. The atmosphere is enticing; everyone is in a good mood especially when things might otherwise look grim. Even bad weather like snow is greeted with a happy cheer of “White Christmas!”

Another part of Christmas we love is the Christmas shopping. Everyone needs gifts on Christmas, it’s nearly law. But what innovative presents are left to give to kids, friends and loved ones?

Christmas markets

The biggest Christmas market of Belgium is Brussels’ Winter Wonders, it’s sometimes known as Europe’s most original Christmas market. It’s therefore an excellent first stop on your quest for unique Christmas gifts. Winter Wonders opened last week and will remain in Brussels until the start of 2012.

Of course Belgium’s famous diamond city won’t let itself be beaten by the capital. The Antwerp Christmas Market is a worthy second stop. From 10 December onwards you can enjoy festive stalls that will entertain you and keep you warm with Glühwein.

Indoor Christmas shopping

Christmas is of course an excellent time for indoor activities as well. You can visit the diamond museum or the MAS, but we’d be glad to welcome you in the DiamondLand showroom as well for an entertaining conversation and a look at our collection of dazzling diamonds!

Had your fill of diamonds? There are many other exquisite sights to see and tastes to experience. The Stadsfeestzaal is famous for its luxury goods with a champagne bar and delicious Belgian chocolates. There are few better gifts you could bring home from Belgium than the chocolates we’re famous for!

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