Choose your favourite diamond shapes

It can be difficult to choose your perfect diamond with the best colour, the most beautiful shine and perfect harmony. Diamonds are shaped and formed in the earth over millions of years. Almost a century ago, in 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky invented the ideal cut diamond: a round brilliant diamond, which is recognized as the standard in round diamonds and the most popular. However, we present you a whole review of beloved diamond shapes.

Round Brilliant shaped diamonds

Of all diamond shapes, the round brilliant is by far the most popular. It has set the standard for all other diamond shapes and has the best angles for which to shine maximum brilliance. With its 57 facets, divided among the crown, girdle, and pavilion it is perfectly calibrated: an ideal engagement ring!

Pear-shaped diamonds

Pear-shaped diamonds, shaped like a teardrop, are a hybrid cut and occupy the second place after the round brilliant. It combines the best of the marquise and the oval. This shape is beautiful for earrings and pendants. The round part glitters the most, which let you jewellery shine!

Marquise diamonds

The Marquise has an elongated shape with pointed ends at both extremities.  and owns its name to the Marquise of Pompadour. According a legend, the Sun King would have had a stone polished according to the shape of the mouth of the Marquise of Pompadour. The marquise cut is identical to the brilliant cut as regards the number of placement of the facets, but is more difficult. The construction of the facets requires a lot of experience and fragility of the sharp points demands utmost precaution.

Emerald diamonds

The emerald cut is a rectangular shape with cut corners. Also, older square cuts are still around. Most people know them as a step cut: it has rows of facets that resemble a staircase and usually are four-sided or elongated. Both inferior colours and inclusions are pronounced, so it is not always easy to find a perfect emerald diamond.

Oval shaped diamonds

An oval-shaped diamond is perfectly symmetrical and therefore popular among woman with small hands. The oval was invented by Lazare Kaplan in the early sixties and has usually 56 facets. It often gives a flattering illusion to the hands or the neck.

Heart shaped diamonds

All women love them: heart shaped diamonds. They are the ultimate symbol of romance! Heart-shaped diamonds have 59 facets and their technical name is ‘the heart-shaped modified brilliant’.

Princess cut diamonds

The Princess is a brilliant-style shape with a square or rectangular for and cut with numerous facets (generally 76). Because of its design and its cut has more brilliance than a round brilliant.

Radiant cut diamonds

Radiant diamonds have a square or rectangular form that combine the elegance of the emerald shape and the brilliance of the round diamonds. It forms the basis of a whole series of cuts. With its 70 facets is has a beautiful colour refraction.

Trilliant diamonds

Trilliant diamonds are traditional triangular-shaped with pointed corners or more rounded triangular shaped. They are first developed in Amsterdam and love by eccentric people!

Cushion cut diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds look like a cross between an old mine cut and a modern oval cut. The cut is an antique style cut, often referred to as a ‘pillow cut’. The depth of the diamond makes it beautiful for different pieces of jewellery.

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