Buying guide: how to buy a diamond engagement ring?

Are you ready to tie the knot? Congratulations! You found your soul mate and you are about to make a lifetime commitment. Now you just need to find an engagement ring that she’ll love just as much as she loves you. A diamond engagement ring is by far the best choice. It’s clichéd to say so, but some clichés are true – and the ongoing love affair between women and diamonds is one of them. But which diamond engagement ring should you buy? Find the finest diamond engagement ring you can afford with the following expert tips.

How to buy the perfect diamond engagement ring

Some couples choose to shop for the engagement ring together. So your first decision when considering shopping for an engagement ring is to have the bride-to-be choose her own ring or buy one by yourself for the perfect proposal.

If you are not sure about her tastes, the best way to buy the perfect ring is to let her pick the engagement ring herself. She’ll wear this ring every day for the rest of her life, so it must feel good on her finger and it must suit her personal style. Sometimes it takes trying on many, many diamond shapes and setting styles to determine which ring is truly “best”.

The shape of the diamond

Round diamonds are the number one shape chosen for diamond engagement rings. Some fiancées might prefer an oval or pear-shaped stone. Fancier shapes, such as hearts diamond ring, are also popular. Think also about the setting of the ring: do you think your fiancée would like a solitaire diamond, set alone in a band, or would she prefer a cluster of stones?


A very popular look is a ring with three diamonds, representing yesterday,  today,  and tomorrow. The trio is either uniform in size or the center stone is slightly larger for a tapered effect. You can use different colours or shapes to personalize the look.

Buy a loose diamond

If you think you know which shape she loves, you can also buy a loose diamond to show her when you ask the big question. The two of you can shop together later for the perfect diamond engagement ring setting. If you buy a loose diamond, always make sure you buy a certified diamond so you are sure of its origins and authenticity.

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