Buying 5 carat diamonds? Don’t forget the 4 C’s!

When you’ve set your sights at 5 carats, diamonds become scarce. This makes a 5 carat loose diamond perfect for investment purposes. When buying 5-carat diamonds as an investment you have to consider the rarity above all else. The rarer the diamond, the more secure your investment will be. On the other hand, you also have to check if there is a market, what good is an investment if you are unable to find a buyer?

Another use for a 5-carat diamond could be custom-made jewelry like a necklace or ring that would make for the perfect family heirloom.

Buying diamonds as an investment? Carat weight is just one of the 4 C’s!

You do have to remember carat weight is just one of the 4 C’s that define the value of a diamond. Especially color can have a substantial impact on the return on your investment!

Colorless diamonds are still the largest market for investment diamonds. Colored diamonds, on the other hand, are rarer but are traded in a (growing) niche market. Especially vivid blue, red and pink diamonds have become extremely popular, but are still less “mainstream” than colorless diamonds.

In the market of colorless diamonds, the safest investments are those with at least a D ranking in color and a high clarity grade – VS2 or IF. The most important thing is not to just buy any 5-carat diamond, but to buy the perfect 5-carat diamond!

Do you want to learn more about 5-carat diamonds for investment purposes? Don’t hesitate to contact us for an estimate or advice!

A 5-carat diamond ring as the family heirloom

When you’re looking for a unique piece of diamond jewelry tailored to your preferences, then the look is equally as important as the 4 C’s! Your family heirloom will always have a value attached to it, but far more important is how you feel about it now and how your family will cherish the heirloom in the future.

Just imagine your great-grandchildren proposing to their loved one with this one perfect ring or giving an amazing diamond necklace as a token of their love.

You can browse the Diamondlandselection webstore for design ideas or you can contact us directly to visit our store in Antwerp in person, we have the largest collection of diamond jewellery in Antwerp!

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