Black diamond jewellery

The colour black is powerful and authoritative and may evoke strong emotions and ideas: mysterie, fear, style, anger, sexuality, sophistication, power and depth. It triggers emotions and has a particular meaning in different cultures. In Chinese cultures it is associated with winter and water, in the west it is a fashionable colour that is also worn in times of mourning. Also black diamonds have been around for a long time and are becoming popular in recent times.


Black diamonds

Diamonds appear in any possible colour. Black diamonds however are not very common. In fact, black diamonds are not truly black, the colour is appeared by the many dark inclusions in the stone. Black diamonds are part of the carbon family: the hardest possible substance known.

Famous black diamonds

The largest black diamond is the ‘Black Star of Africa‘ with a weigh of 202 carats. Unfortunately we don’t know where this diamond is situated at the moment. It is last seen in Tokyo in 1971. Another large black diamond is the ‘Table of Islam‘, an emerald cut diamond that weighs 160,18 carats. More isn’t know about this diamond. The ‘Gruosi Diamond‘, named after the jeweller Fawaz Gruosi, is the largest heart shaped black diamond with a weight of 115 carats.

Of all the famous black diamonds, the Black Orloff is the most known. It was discovered in the 1800’s in India and is said to be responsible for three deaths. According the legend, the curse on the diamond began when it was removed from the eye of the idol of Brahma at a shrine near Pondicherry in India. The stone has been exhibited widely and many are still fascinated by the stories surrounding the gem.

Black diamond jewellery

Black diamonds are most popular for simple rings or engagement rings. Also braceletes are very common. Take a look at the black diamond jewellery collection at Diamondland!





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