Asscher cut diamond engagement rings – unique yet familiar

The Asscher cut diamond was developed in 1902 in Holland by the Asscher Brothers who gave their name to this beautiful diamond shape. A nickname for the Asscher cut is the square emerald cut; this gives some insight in the looks of this diamond shape.

An Asscher cut diamond is nearly identical to an emerald cut, but then square instead of rectangular which enhances the depth slightly. This extra depth gives this diamond cut an air of vintage; you could even say it suits the Art Deco style because of this.

Popularity of the Asscher cut


You might have not heard much of this particular cut, mainly because in recent times it wasn’t that popular. This all changed when an Asscher cut diamond ring was featured in the television show “Sex and the City” and Asscher cut engagement rings were also given to several celebrities. For example Kate Hudson received an engagement ring with a 5 carat Asscher cut diamond.

This doesn’t mean, however, that the Asscher cut is in high demand. Compared to the common cuts like the round brilliant, princess and emerald, the Asscher cut is still rather niche. If you’re looking for something unique the Asscher is thus an excellent choice! If you want a wider variety of options we recommend the emerald cut for a similar style or one of the popular cuts.

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