Antwerp World Diamond Centre – AWDC
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The diamond industry in Belgium is a community, quite literally. Most of the diamond trade activities happen in a single area of Antwerp where craftsmen and jewelers work together to provide customers with the finest diamonds the world has to offer – Antwerp diamonds. This cooperation also has a formal form, the AWDC.

Antwerp World Diamond Centre

The Antwerp World Diamond Centre is an organization created to promote, protect and innovate the diamond industry in Antwerp. This is more than just a philosophy; the vision of the AWDC has been translated to a master plan called Project 2020 that should help Antwerp keep its spot as diamond capital of the world.

HRD Antwerp

The AWDC also has several subsidiaries with great authority in the world of diamonds like the Hoge Raad van de Diamant. The HRD is best known for its laboratory; diamond grading by the HRD is recognized across the globe. Diamond certificates issued by the HRD guarantee the quality of your diamonds.

HDR certificate with Antwerp diamond

The HRD also conducts research that is essential to advance the diamond industry. For example, new equipment that can be used in the polishing or cutting process that will reduce the loss in carat weight or the process of providing even greater brilliance.

In short, the AWDC makes sure Antwerp stays at the very top of the world’s diamond trade!

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