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Antwerp is known throughout the world as the heart of diamond industry.  It is no surprise that many diamond retailers come to Antwerp to do business. To make sure the people visiting Antwerp know which retailers are of the highest quality, the city of Antwerp introduced its Antwerp Most Brilliant label in 2014. And today it has been confirmed that DiamondLand Antwerp received this label and is now on the list of most trusted diamond jewellers in Antwerp.

Florence Mesman, manager of DiamondLand: ”We are very proud of this label. It is a confirmation of our dedication to offer the best quality diamonds for fair prices and the best customer service possible. More than 30.000 people visit DiamondLand every year to learn about diamond and purchase diamond jewellery and this is a sign of trust for our customers that we cherish”



An Antwerp jeweller can only obtain certification after an independent audit by Kiwa, an accredited audit and inspection organisation, which visits every jeweller annually to check for compliance with 30 strict criteria. Kiwa draws up a binding report after its audit. The City of Antwerp and the Antwerp World Diamond Centre will only grant the certificate if the jeweller obtains an excellent score for each of the criteria. Moreover the label is controlled by the professional jewellers’ federation Ars Nobilis and the Federal Public Service Economy.

DiamondLand has been a fixture in Antwerp’s diamond district for over thirty years. We organise free guided tours in sixteen different languages. Our experts will let you explore the sparkling world of diamonds. See how our diamond polisher cut diamonds and how the diamond setter and goldsmith work together to create a stunning jewel.


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