Antwerp Diamond Year
diamond in front of Antwerp skyline

As long as we can remember, Antwerp is famous for her diamonds. However, for a long time, it was not clear for how long exactly Antwerp and diamonds have been connected. A while ago though, the oldest document ever regarding diamonds in Antwerp was found in the city archives. This document dates back to 1447. In other words: diamonds have been a part of Antwerp for (at least) 570 years. This calls for a celebration! That’s exactly what the City of Antwerp did. They organized a dedicated diamond year.

570 years of diamonds in Antwerp

570 years is a very long time. However, there is also a beautiful symbolic coincidence between this amount of years and the subject of the celebration. As you may know, the first real diamond cut is the round brilliant cut. It’s the cut that showed people how beautiful cut diamonds could be. This beloved shape has exactly 57 facets.

Diamond activities

To involve the inhabitants of Antwerp and tourists in this special occasion, the city of Antwerp organizes multiple diamond-related activities. From mid-October 2017 until February 2018, the city is stuffed with all sorts of festivities regarding diamonds. There is something for everyone. In the diamond district is a big ongoing graffiti art project. There is an African Diamond Conference on 13 and 14 November. In November and December, you can participate in a photography contest at Antwerp Port House. The theme is – of course – “Your Diamond View”. And last but not least, you can join “Expedition Diamond”. An unforgettable adventure with friends filled with thrilling and surprising assignments and a finale quiz.

Learn everything about diamonds

Antwerp Diamond Year is the perfect time to discover the beautiful world of diamonds. Take a walk through the city and gaze upon all diamond-related art and activities. Of course, it is also possible to learn everything about diamonds yourself. At Diamondland, we offer a free guided tour through our diamond polishing factory. Let us take you on a journey through the magical world of diamonds and let the sparkling stones amaze you.

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