Antwerp diamond tourism

Diamond spotting? Do it in Antwerp! People from all over the world visit the diamond city to buy the most exclusive and precious diamonds. Others travel to Antwerp for diamond trades, or to see the work of a real diamond cutter. In short, the Antwerp diamond tourism and diamond industry brings people together and creates a great atmosphere in the medium sized city of Antwerp. Tourists will enjoy the charming diamond district and other neighbourhoods and events in Antwerp. The city can not without his diamonds, and vice versa!

The Belgian diamond sector

The Belgian diamond sector has a lot to offer and can present good figures related to the import and export of polished diamonds. In 2010, both increased. This is one of the factors that makes our country very attractive for diamond traders and investors. Even in times of economic crisis, the industry keeps internationally growing. 80 percent of the traded diamonds in the world, passes Antwerp at least once. The city could record an annual revenue of $ 23 billion.

Antwerp tourism

The diamond industry is alive and kicking! You can feel it in the streets of Antwerp. Think about a diamond walk or visiting the diamond museum!

The diamond walk

Step back in time to charming diamond districts and fine diamond crafts. Get the taste of the past and the present! Diamond walks often start at the Central Station – with its beautiful design – and discover the Square Mile. This is the heart of the Antwerp diamond industry.

After the diamond walk, you will have the chance to visit a diamond cutter or a diamond dealer. Of course you can buy here your favourite diamond!

The Diamond Museum

The Diamond Museum is located in the heart of Antwerp. Here you will have the opportunity to learn everything about diamonds and the diamond history. Permanent and temporary exhibitions will change your whole diamond view. Discover the process of the creation of diamond jewellery: from the origin of the diamond to a diamond jewel – a diamond ring, a diamond necklace or a diamond earring. The story of the diamond is one of a common human that is able to create something unique: inspiring!

Moreover, in the museum you get the chance to visit the real treasure rooms with special diamond creations. Both historical and contemporary jewels are exhibited: beautiful diamond shapes and diamond colours.

More information

You will find more information about the Antwerp diamond tourism on the website of Diamondland.

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