Antwerp Diamond Pavilion – A new Diamond Museum in the diamond centre of the world
The MAS in Antwerp, Belgium

For 10 years the Diamond Museum has been a touristic attraction on the Astrid Square in the center of Antwerp close to the diamond district. Sadly earlier this year the museum closed its doors. It’s a shame such a great addition to the world’s diamond center had to end, but the diamond tourist hasn’t been forgotten!

The MAS has much to offer: art, diamonds and fine dining

The MAS is an extraordinary piece of architecture that houses contemporary art, an amazing panoramic view of the city and a restaurant where Vicky Geunes presents culinary delights worthy of his 2 Michelin Stars. An alternative to the original Diamond Museum has been erected near the MAS, called the Diamond Pavilion. In short, it’s a crossroads where those who enjoy the finer things in life will rejoice.

Antwerp Diamond Pavilion

The Diamond Pavilion is a joint venture of the Diamond Museum Province Antwerp and the AMDC (Antwerp World Diamond Centre). A visit to the pavilion will show why Antwerp is the diamond center of the world. It gives an insight into the world of diamonds from the current major players in the diamond trade and production to a display of various amazing diamonds highlighting the quality of Antwerp cut diamonds.

The Antwerp Diamond Pavilion also presents an extra attraction. The famous diamond ECC tennis racquet is currently on display. This masterpiece is made of 6-kilo pure gold and contains 1.617 sparkling diamonds. It’s without a doubt the most expensive and beautiful tennis racquet in the world.

Visiting Antwerp – the diamond center of the world

A visit to Antwerp should definitely include the MAS. The official site will give you more information on their art collection, the various activities the MAS and its surroundings have to offer and of course directions to the museum. For more attractions in Antwerp and Belgium, you can check our tourist information.

The Diamond Pavilion is open from Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00. There is no need to get tickets as the entrance is free of charge.

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