Alliance rings | Mixing traditional wedding rings with personal taste

Choosing the perfect wedding ring is extremely important; it’s the piece of jewellery you’ll never want to take off. A few decades ago a wedding ring usually didn’t contain a single diamond, instead it was a simple golden ring. Luckily this all changed, especially the design of the ring leaves a lot more room these days for personal taste.

Because a wedding ring should be worn at all times, it of course has to go with most of your clothes. That’s why wedding rings usually take the shape and style of alliance rings. An alliance ring doesn’t hold one large diamond, but instead several smaller ones for a ring that looks amazing, but at the same time is subtle enough to be accessorized with pretty much anything.


Wedding band = alliance ring?


You could say alliance ring and wedding band are synonyms, with the exception that an alliance ring isn’t limited to weddings but can be given for many other occasions as well. A wedding band of course refers to the one piece of jewellery that holds so much emotion.

We mentioned alliance rings are usually a bit more subtle than solitaire rings. A solitaire ring is a ring design based around a single large diamond sometimes flanked by smaller ones on the band itself, most engagement rings go for this style.


Alliance rings that stand out


To say only engagement rings can stand out, however, is definitely not true. Some alliance rings are simple golden rings in either gold or white gold with a few diamonds set within. Other alliance rings go way beyond this idea and consist of a dozen or more brilliant cut diamonds linked together with a nearly invisible platinum band. For example this platinum eternity ring shows that an alliance ring doesn’t have to be subtle if you don’t want it to be!

Take a look at some of our other alliance rings in our webshop or visit our showroom for professional advice tailored to your personal style and preferences to find the alliance ring or wedding ring of your dreams!

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