How to accessorize jewellery

Wearing jewellery can make a lady look elegant, wearing too much, however, will do more damage than good for your personal style. But how much jewellery is enough? We’ll give you some advice on how to accessorize jewellery for formal occasions.

Accessorize for the occasion


Before we give advice we’d like to point out an important fact: every rule has its exceptions. When we’re talking about accessorizing the exceptions relate to the occasion. When you’re out with friends for a little shopping or just for a drink or two, you can bend the rules and use as much or as little jewellery as you feel comfortable with. On formal occasions it’s better to keep some rules as a guideline to avoid a fashion faux pas.

Ignore the wedding ring


When you see rules for wearing jewellery it’s often noted that a wedding ring shouldn’t be counted. This means you don’t have to use the same types of jewellery the rest of your life just so it harmonizes with the wedding ring. A wedding ring is meant to stand out and catch the eye!

Choosing Jewellery based on your skin tone and hair colour


Diamonds might look good on everyone, but whether you use white gold, yellow gold, silver or platinum will have a large impact on the way you’ll look as well. For example someone with fair skin and blonde or light brown hair will most often look dazzling with yellow gold jewellery.

When you’re blessed with red hair yellow gold won’t suit you quite as well, but you’ll look better wearing silver, white gold or platinum. If you happen to have a darker skin tone and brown or black hair you’ll probably look good with both colours of jewellery.


How much jewellery should one wear?


The right amount of jewellery to wear isn’t an easy choice. It depends on several factors like your culture, body type and the occasion. Most often It’s best to avoid wearing a lot of jewellery, but rather have one or two pieces to make them shine as well as keep the focus on you instead of just your accessories.

A few rules of thumb:

  • With large earrings you should not wear a necklace
  • A large cocktail ring looks better if it’s the only ring you’re wearing
  • Remove one piece of jewellery before you leave for a party – Coco Chanel

No matter the rules it’s always important to follow your personal sense of style and judgement. Test different combinations and wear what you are convinced looks good. You might have the perfect combination of jewellery dictated by fashion, but if you don’t feel good you won’t look splendid either.

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