4 tips for choosing the perfect engagement ring

It isn’t easy to choose the perfect engagement ring for your wife to be. And we’re pretty sure the right engagement ring is extremely important. So, let us help you a little bit on your way with these 4 tips for choosing the perfect engagement ring.

  • Bigger is not better

Dont’ believe that the size of the rock matters when choosing a diamond engagement ring. The most important thing is that you match your wife’s personality with the style of the engagement ring. You are better off going for a high quality ring that matches her style and personality than going for a big eye-catching rock. An engagement ring can be subtle and beautiful if it suits the person who’s wearing it.

  • Be unique

An engagement ring should be a unique piece within her jewelry collection. It would be pretty embarrassing to find out that her best friend received a ring exactly like hers, so try to be unique. Not sure about what she likes? Look at her other jewelry and determine from that what style she prefers. When you have a good general idea about her style, try to look for something that matches that style, but try to give a unique spin to it.

  • Don’t be afraid of colored diamonds

Don’t think white diamonds and white metal are the only options when choosing an engagement ring. Nowadays, you have many different colored diamonds. Even yellow gold and rose gold are making a comeback.

  • Investigate before you buy

Like any other purchase of great value: investigate before you buy your wife’s engagement ring! Go to several dealers, talk to different jewelers, try to find out as much information about the ring in question. Furthermore, choose a reliable jewelry shop when finally buying the perfect engagement ring. Also, a good insurance is never a bad idea.

Come and visit Antwerp “City of Diamonds” and we’ll make sure you will find your perfect engagement ring.

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