Playing golf in Antwerp, a brilliant idea

The popularity of golf is increasing steadily in Belgium. If you wish to combine a cultural holiday with some golf playing, Belgium is the ideal destination! The landscapes in Belgium range from the lowlands of Flanders in the west to the Ardennes mountains in the East. The climate is temperate, similar to the UK, so golfers should pack their rain wear!

The main cities of Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent offer a distinctly European style of historic buildings, markets, cafés bars and restaurants. They also offer a host of sights to see with innumerable shops, museums and art galleries. Belgium is famous for beer, chocolate, diamonds, lace and speciality markets such as antiques.
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In the city centre of Antwerp, there is also the Green Campus Indoor Golf Centre. It is the perfect venue for beginners and experienced players alike. Besides the golf simulators, Green Campus has a putting green, putting practice room and stretching room. The Green Campus golfing experience is also an excellent way to strengthen your ties with your business partners and employees or enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

Here are some brilliant ideas:

Visit and play golf in Antwerp during a short city break.

Recommended hotels, in the heart of Antwerp, world diamond center:

Recommended hotel near the golfcourse and at only 20 minutes from Antwerp:

A selection of recommended golf courses in the Antwerp region:

Recommended places of interest:

Recommend tea-time venues:

Recommended restaurants:

Typical Antwerp bars:

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