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See our diamond polisher and goldsmiths at work

In more than a thousand square meters of space, our expert guides will tell you about the rich history of Antwerp and the relationship it had with diamonds for more than 400 years. You will see our diamond polishers and goldsmiths at work right in front of you and see legendary diamonds and learn about diamond valuation, also known as the 4 C’s.

Once you have a good knowledge about diamonds you will see the world’s most fascinating diamond rings, diamond necklaces, diamond bracelets, diamond pendants and a large collection of rough and polished unset diamonds in all shapes and sizes.

And because we get our diamonds direct from the source, prices are very competitive as well!

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Why visit DiamondLand?

Here are some of the many reasons to visit DiamondLand in Antwerp. Whether you are looking for a memorable experience or the finest quality affordable diamond jewellery, a tour at DiamondLand is a something every person needs to experience at least once.

  • Free guided tours in more than16 language
  • Tax Free shopping for visitors outside the EU
  • See famous diamond artifacts and learn about the history of Antwerp
  • Learn about the 4 C’s and origin of diamonds
  • See our diamond polishers and goldsmiths at work
  • Very competitive prices for diamond jewellery
Engagement Special

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If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring DiamondLand has a perfect arrangement made especially for couples in love. Depending on your selection, we can offer your stay at once of the most romantic hotels in The City of Diamonds in Antwerp for free! Read more here

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Groups or tour operators?

DiamondLand offers great benefits for travel agents, tour guides or tour operators. Email Florence Mesman for more information.

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Unforgettable moments

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We will make the booking in the hotel of your choice for you. Please provide us with all relevant information so that we can make the necessary arrangements. We will refund you the overnight stay at the hotel upon your purchase in Diamondland.

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