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Something that we at DiamondLand have realized over time is that choosing a piece of diamond jewelry doesn’t come easy. We understand that the choice of a high quality jewelry is one that tends to last a lifetime – and for some, it can even last for generations upon generations where it is passed down in a family. Considering its worth, it is highly recommended for all our current and potential customers to make a highly knowledgeable and well-educated decision as to what you want your new ‘family jewelry’ to be – and this decision requires a lot of thinking and contemplation.

Considering the intricacies involved in making such an important decision, we at DiamondLand have trained some of our staff to serve as expert diamond consultants. That’s right. As diamond specialists, we believe in making every decision and choice as smooth for our customers as possible and this is just what our diamond consultants will help you out with.

Our diamond consultants will help you make a choice that suits your personality and budget

As diamond consultants, our staff knows a lot about diamonds, but that is something all of our staff does. What truly sets them apart from the rest of the staff is the fact that that they will empathize with you and put in their best to help you make a choice that matches your personality, desires and most of all, your budget!

Diamond jewelry is a truly worthy investment and requires you to make knowledgeable decisions. This bit of knowledge isn’t available to everyone. But at DiamondLand, we are dedicated to making sure that our customers make the best choices possible when investing in diamond jewelry. When you speak to our diamond consultant, you will learn everything about diamonds and what makes diamond jewelry so worthy.

Most importantly, even though our diamond jewelry is already very cost-effective due to the central location of our showroom in Antwerp, the diamond consultant you speak to will help you choose jewelry that is particularly in sync with your budget. So if you wish to meet one of our expert diamond consultants, please contact us right away to set up an appointment. But before that, feel free to go through our jewelry collection first to see if you fancy something!

Planning on proposing to the love of your life?
Our diamond consultant will assist you with that too!

If you get in touch with our diamond consultant to choose a diamond engagement ring, there’s a whole lot more that you will be able to benefit from other than our diamond expertise. Like what? Well, to make it even more romantic and special for you, our specialist diamond consultant will also help you organize your proposal.

So for your engagement, you get to pick a very cost-effective diamond ring as a symbol of your love right from the heart of the world diamond center, while also getting an expert to plan out the whole thing for you – what else could anyone ask for? We’ve got it all covered at DiamondLand!

We’re a diamond factory and we’re here to help you out

Just in case you don’t find anything to your liking at our online store or our showroom in Antwerp, remember that DiamondLand is a diamond factory. What this means is that we will cater to your needs and desires by making anything you want.

We have expert goldsmiths working for us who have the potential to custom-make any piece of diamond jewelry you want – no matter the design, setting or style, we are here to serve you!

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