DiamondLand was established 20 years ago and with the passage of time, it has come to be known as the owner of the largest diamond showroom in the whole of Antwerp. As a thorough diamond specialist, we cater to more than 120,000 customers from all over the world on a yearly basis.

What truly sets us apart from the countless other diamond experts out there is that of our dedication to ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of our clients. It is for this reason that we create a personalized relationship with every single customer of ours and even introduce them to our world of diamonds. We believe in helping our customers learn about everything related to diamonds for which reason we provide extensive information about the diamonds in our showroom, such as their color, clarity, cut, carat, valuations and even certifications

We all know that Antwerp is the World Diamond Center – and we at DiamondLand are proud to be located right in the heart of this beautiful city of love, passion and devotion. We know everything there is to know about diamond and have mastered the art of creating the most stunning pieces of diamond jewelry. What makes us different is the fact that our collection of diamond jewelry happens to be one of the most extensive ones available at the moment. To ensure your satisfaction, we even have trained diamond consultants who are focused on helping you choose the item that truly defines you and the beauty within you.

With such a lot of expertise at hand, we also assist our customers in acquiring custom made diamond rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants. Finding the perfect piece of jewelry is extremely easy with us because our goldsmiths and diamond cutters work in coordination with our clients and tailor make their chosen jewelry as per their requirements and wishes.


The process of getting a diamond from the mine to the customer is a rather long one. With so many companies in between, everyone wants a bit of a profit, which in the long-term leads to increased prices of the jewel when you wish to purchase it. However, things don’t work this way at DiamondLand. This is because we are far more efficient and have our own diamond polishers and goldsmiths working for us. With their expertise available to us, we prepare a majority of our diamond jewelry right here at our workshop. To prove this claim, we will even let you watch them create diamond jewelry when you come to us for a free guided tour. The best part about having our own goldsmiths and diamond cutters is that it helps us offer beautiful diamond jewelry at a very fair price. Together with its cost-effectiveness, our diamond jewelry is also guaranteed to feature unique and brilliant craftsmanship. A piece of diamond jewelry brought from DiamondLand is sure to last for generations upon generations in your family!

DiamondLand is proud to offer free guided tours in 15 languages to its customers as a means of educating them on diamonds. Through this tour, we allow people to check out how such beautiful pieces of diamond jewelry are created by our skilled goldsmiths and diamond cutters.

On the whole, with extensive experience in designing jewelry for even the royals, DiamondLand is here to assist you in finding a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry that will forever be cherished in you family for its brilliance!